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Why, Why, Buy, Husqvarna Ride-On Mowers?

10th July 2017 by in category blog tagged as , , , ,

A look at Husqvarna and its ride-on mowers We at Redblade Mowers offer a wealth of ride-on mowers covering a multitude of brands. These include the iconic ATCO brand, one of Britain’s best known manufacturers of lawnmowers. Similarly fascinating is the history of Husqvarna. Founded in 1689, the Swedish company has a long and proud […]

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Lawn Mower Service in Eccleston

9th July 2017 by in category blog tagged as ,

For an efficient lawn mower service in Eccleston, it is a good idea to use a well known and trusted company.

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Lawn Mower Service in Parbold

2nd July 2017 by in category blog tagged as ,

A lawn mower service in Parbold is important to keep your lawn mower in excellent running condition.

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Ride-On Mowers Used in Police Chase

27th June 2017 by in category blog tagged as , , , , ,

Why ride-on mowers and golf buggies were used in a police chase in Nottinghamshire In vehicles more accustomed to The Golden Bear than Huggy Bear or Regan and Carter, a fleet of golf buggies and ride-on mowers scuppered a 28-year-old thief. The thief broke into a house near the Kilton Forest Golf Club. On the […]

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Ride-on Mower Safety Tips

9th June 2017 by in category blog tagged as , , , , ,

Some sage safety advice on using your ride-on mower The ride-on mower gives you more control than just a standard lawn mower. Its manoeuvrability offers backache free lawn mowing whether in battery or petrol form. Sometimes we can get complacent with the safe use of our ride-on lawn mower. Here’s a selection of safety tips […]

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Lawn Mowers in Popular Culture

7th June 2017 by in category blog tagged as , , , , ,

A brief look at how lawn mowers are portrayed in popular culture In Film: The most obvious candidate for this is The Lawnmower Man. Released in 1992, it brought virtual reality to a wider audience. Starring Pierce Brosnan, the male lead switches from being Mister Average to a Mister Genius. The CGI graphics were fine […]

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Why Children and Sit-On Mowers Don’t Mix

25th May 2017 by in category blog tagged as , , , ,

In video: a Wichita public information film on why children shouldn’t be seen on sit-on mowers Sit-on mowers have revolutionised the way we mow our lawns. For some people, the tractors seem like an object of fun but they are not toys. In reality, they are dangerous in the wrong hands. This has inspired a public […]

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Coming Soon: Honda’s Robotic Lawnmowers

16th May 2017 by in category blog tagged as , , , ,

How Honda’s robotic lawnmowers could do to the lawn mower what Roomba did to the vacuum cleaner First there was the robotic vacuum cleaner. Then came robotic lawnmowers, a bit like their vacuum based counterparts, though they cut grass instead. Honda’s cutting edge lawnmowers will take the heat out of lawnmowing but, will they be […]

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New Yorker Breaks Lawnmower Balancing Record

3rd May 2017 by in category blog tagged as , ,

World Record broken for balancing a lawnmower on a chin Many moons ago, there used to be a popular children’s television programme known as The Record Breakers (or plain old Record Breakers if you were born after 1980). It was a bit of an advert for the Guinness Book of Records, created by Ross and […]

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Benefits of Lawn Mower Repair Service

20th February 2017 by in category blog tagged as , , , , ,

Keep your lawn mower running like new with these tips on how to repair and service your machine. Benefits of maintaining your lawn mower Prevents small engine problems in the future  Maintaining your lawn mower regularly can help prevent any problems occurring with your machine when in use. This also extends the overall life of […]

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