Mitox 26B-SP Petrol Leaf Blower


Mitox 26B-SP Petrol Leaf Blower

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The new Mitox 26B-SP handheld petrol leaf blower is a new addition to the SP Range of machinery offering great value for money. The 26B-SP leaf blower is powered by a 25.4cc petrol engine which generates a high blowing speed for leaf clearing efficiency. The throttle control function enables comfortable operation for periods of prolonged use. Included with the blower is a flat blower tube making it ideal for clearing leaves in a small focused areas within the garden. The blower is also suitable for clearing grass trimmings, light hedge cuttings or sawdust off garden pathways making it a useful machine to use all year round.

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Powerful MITOX 25.4cc engine.

The new MITOX 26B-SP is powered by a reliable and powerful 25.4cc 2-Stroke petrol engine delivering great performance and speeds up to 155mph for effective clearing of leaves, even when wet.

Easy starting with primer bulb and choke.

Starting the MITOX 26B-SP engine is easy using the primer bulb and choke.

Egronomic handle with adjustable throttle control.

Operating the 26B-SP is comfortable thanks to the ergonomic design of the handle which features an adjustable throttle control for effective air speed control.

Straight blowing tube with flat end.

The straight blowing tube with a flat end enables effective clearing of leaves from garden lawns, paths and driveways.

Long life full crank engine.

The engine on the 26B-SP petrol leaf blower is a full crank Euro 2 compliant engine which provides greater fuel efficiency, lower fuel consumption and higher performance than the half crank engines often found on low cost machinery.

Perfectly balanced.

The weight of the machine is perfectly distributed to ensure the machine is balanced for optimum comfort and efficiency.


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