Mitox 25C Select Grass Trimmer

Mitox 25C Select Grass Trimmer



Lightweight trimmer for the domestic gardener

The 25C is a quality grass trimmer powered by a 25.4cm3 engine. With clear starting instructions on the side cover, and user-friendly Auto-Choke system, starting the engine couldn’t be simpler – and when the trimming work is done, the clever split-shaft system allows the 25C to be easily separated into two for convenient transport and storage.

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The Mitox 25C is an exceptionally light, yet powerful curved shaft grass trimmer. Unique benefits of this machine are full anti-vibration of the engine from the shaft to improve customer comfort, and a powerful 25.4cc engine.


Light Weight – The 25C is light weight machine that comes in at just 4.7kg.
Bump-Feed cutting head – A simple feature to use, the bump-feed cutting head will spool out nylon line with a simple bump on the ground. A quicker and easier hassle-free solution to manual feed heads, as there is no need to leave the operating position to attend to the cutting head.
Anti-Vibration Points – This machine has been fitted with important anti-vibration mounts which dramatically reduce levels of vibration, meaning the machine will be more comfortable to use for longer.


Engine: 2 Stroke
Power: 25.4cc
Handle Type: Loop handle
Nylon Head: Bump Feed
Metal Blade: No
Vibration: Highest Single Axis 9.49 (metres per second)
Weight 4.7kg

Manufacturer’s 3 year warranty


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